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Publisher information - crossword puzzle formats

Purchased puzzles come in a single zip file containing:

  1. The puzzle grid and solution grid in EPS, pdf, wmf, rtf and, at 200 dpi, in jpeg, tiff and bmp formats.
  2. Crossword clues in txt, rtf and pdf formats.
  3. Crossword answers in txt and rtf formats.
  4. Easy-to-use files to install the puzzles on your website, with simple instructions. You will be able to change settings controlling which puzzles appear and how often they change from one to another. There are no links off your site in these puzzles.

    If you are looking for puzzles to publish on your website, please try before you buy using free samples from either our AustralianUS or UK pages. Our puzzles will display on most websites but not on some e-commerce sites nor on some sites created with some website building programs.