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About us

Crosswordsite founderI founded Crosswordsite as a crossword puzzle maker and creator way back in 2000. That's me, Peter Sharp, a crossword writer, setter and compiler, in the picture. I'd always been interested in crosswords and decided to offer a range of puzzles of different sizes for people to have fun solving them on a website.

Then we found that people wanted to buy crossword puzzles for publication in their own magazines, newspapers, flyers and apps.

So we added the ability for people to buy and publish puzzles. Now you can buy puzzles to display on your website and print in your publications.

The crosswords on this website come in a range of sizes, from our new 7x7 square mini-puzzles to 15x15 squares, all in both US and UK English, styles and cultures. They vary in difficulty, too, and include some very challenging UK-style cryptics.

We also provide puzzles on request to suit almost any requirements.

I have a lot of fun as a crossword puzzle builder. I am sure your readers will find them just as much fun to solve.